How Wind Turbines Work - A Legal Perspective

How Wind Turbines Work - A Legal PerspectiveIf you want to know how a wind turbine works you may...

Sorry Guardian - You Get An F minus for linguistics

The Guardian, or as it is more affectionately known to its readers, The Grauniad, seems to think...

Psst! Wanna Buy Some Truth?

Psst!  Wanna Buy Some Truth?In case anyone has missed my many articles on the topic of global...

The STENDEC Puzzle

The STENDEC PuzzleEver since BSAA Avro Lancastrian Star Dust vanished on a flight from Buenos Aires...

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The Lockerbie Injustice

To those victims’ relatives who can bear to hear me say this: they continue to have my sincere sympathy for the unimaginable loss that they have suffered.

To those who bear me ill will, I do not return that to you.
Abdul Ali al-Megrahi

Today, Abdul Ali al-Megrahi was released from prison on compassionate grounds.  I rejoice at that decision.  Ever since he was named as the Lockerbie bomber I have had exceedingly strong doubts that he was even so much as implicated, let alone the bomb-builder.  I would like to share my thoughts about this.

The Voynich Manuscript Part 8 : Some Notes On Writing Systems
Ancient Egypt : Recommended Resources

There are times when I find that anything I may write on a topic has already been written to a very high standard by someone before me.  In such cases, I prefer to refer my readers to those sources.

Image from Project Gutenberg, courtesy of David Widger.

Because you are not an ‘expert’ in a particular field, it does not mean that you have to accept or be intimidated by other so-called ‘experts’. Let logic, reason and unbias guide you toward the truth. As you wade through the various views, keep in mind Sir William Oster’s words: "The greater the ignorance, the greater the dogmatism!"
This is not an article in my continuing series about the Voynich manuscript.  It is a complaint about plagiarism.

buckrogers2012 is a plagiarist.

buckrogers2012, a blogger on has copied my entire series of Voynich articles into his blog, complete with pictures.

My name doesn't appear as author.

Although there are links to there are no clear links to my original articles, my blog or my name.

Please check where you will see what I am complaining about.

I am grateful when bloggers cite my work in a genuine manner with proper links and attribution.
The Voynich Manuscript Part 7 : Further Dating Studies

I present here more evidence in support of my suggestion that the Voynich manuscript may date from a period between 1350 to 1450, perhaps even earlier.  This is part 7 of an occasional series which commenced in part 1 with information about Wilfrid and Ethel Voynich.

Merlons and Bartizans.
The Voynich Manuscript part 6 : The Other Babylon

When I first saw images from the Voynich manuscript, I was interested in the unusual script.  As a linguist, my first thoughts were about the possible underlying language.  As I have repeatedly stated since part #1 of this series, it is futile to try to decode an unknown script without first accumulating as much background information as possible.  All clues must be examined in order to create a sort of mental Venn diagram: a set of overlapping areas at the intersection of which the major clues to the puzzle are all found.