AirAsia 8501 - More Bodies Retrieved, More Data Released

AirAsia 8501 - More Bodies Retrieved, More Data ReleasedDetik News reports that there was some...

Air Asia Fuselage Found - Photos

Air Asia Fuselage Found - PhotosThe fuselage of Air Asia 8501 has been found.  Underwater...

AirAsia 8501 - Both Black Boxes With NTSC

AirAsia 8501 - Both Black Boxes With NTSCData Analysis Begins SoonIt has now been confirmed officially...

AirAsia QZ8501 No Explosion

AirAsia QZ8501 - No ExplosionAir Asia flight 8501 did not explode: it burst open on impact with...

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Retired engineer, 60+ years young. Computer builder and programmer. Linguist specialising in language acquisition and computational linguistics. Interested in every human endeavour except the scrooge... Read More »

A Science Of Human Language - Part #1

Quistic Grammar : A New Universal Grammar

In this series of articles I hope to build, on a sure foundation, a theory which explains language as a means by which evolution can encode information of value to the survival of a species so that it may be transmitted between individuals without the use of genes.  The core of the theory suggests that language, in order to transmit information most effectively, encodes that information as 'packets of ideas' which form the answers to simple questions.

Introductory Remarks
The Brain's Linguistic Auto-Pilot

We tend to be not very good at proof-reading and 'proof-hearing' our own words.  It takes mental training and a great deal of concentration even to proof-read other peoples' words, or to notice common slips of speech.  This, I suggest, is because our brain holds a linguistic auto-pilot which is so good at error-correction that we are blissfully unaware of most typos and slurs of speech.

The Jabberwock Effect
Open Source For New Hydrogen Powered Car

A new hydrogen powered car unveiled in the UK is to be developed using open source methods.
The Riversimple Urban car was unveiled in public for the first time at Somerset House in London on 16th June 2009. 

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From the Rugbyologist's blog:  St. Louis Hero Needed

There is a 14 month old child in St. Louis in desperate need of an AB negative blood donor.

Hospitals in St. Louis are in desperate need of AB negative blood.

If you have this rare blood type, please contact Josh Witten immediately either by email or facebook or twitter (@rugbyologist).
Random Noise #16 : Dangerous Knowledge

... holding the paper with one hand, and jumping up and down as she works the pumping-handle with the other, she pushes dynamite down the tube till the paper cylinder is filled to a depth of about three inches.
To see this operation - the brass rods flying up and down, damp with nitroglycerin, and dynamite being forcibly jammed down a brass tube - entirely destroys your appetite for further knowledge.
H. J. W.  Dam
From a description in McClure’s Magazine, August 1897, of the Ardeer explosives factory founded by Alfred Nobel.
The Bookworm And The Encyclopedias

A simple math puzzle.

A set of 10 encyclopedias is sitting on a bookshelf in left-to-right numerical order.

Each single volume contains 1,000 pages.    

A bookworm eats its way directly and linearly through them in a straight line.

It starts on page 1 of volume 1.

It ends on page 1,000  of volume 10.

Question:    Not counting any covers, flysheets, etc., how many pages does the bookworm eat ?

I intend to post my answer next Monday,
or before that if anyone comments with a solution that I agree with.