Global Warming Solution What we can do as to change, we can do it now, or later as we become more affected by it. Global warming or cooling is caused buy more or less reflection or absorption of light from the sun. The more light bouncing off of white snow and ice the cooler the effect will be. The more light absorbed by the dark ocean the warmer the effect will be. We are losing the reflection of the ice. Let's call it surface area or S. We are losing so many square miles of reflective surface area in a year. Let's call a year Y. We could ban all dark roofs and start replacing them with reflective roofs. If it's not enough we may have to reflect light off of the ocean. Let's call that R. for reflection. We are losing a lot of surface area in a years time lets call it A. for amount. The solution would be S-RxY=A,AxRS=Amount of offset. So if we could replace and gain the area of reflection lost by melting ice we should be able to stabilize the earth's climate. What you can do now. If you have a roof and you want to offset some of the effect of melted ice make it reflective.