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Torvosaurus tanneri

The specimen of Torvosaurus tanneri is currently on display in Madrid, Spain. The genus Torvosaurus...

Late Cretaceous: Mosasaur Detail

A close-up view of the dentition of an ancient aquatic, carnivorous lizard, the mighty Mosasaur...

Gods & Cephalopods

A great temple to the god Amon was built at Karnak in Upper Egypt around c. 1785. It is from Amon...

Paltechioceras of Wrangellia

Those working in the Jurassic exposures on Vancouver Island are a determined crew. Most of the...

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Hornby, one of the northern Gulf Islands on the west coast of British Columbia, has some of the best preserved fossil specimens of the Pacific Northwest. Many species of ammonites, bivalves and their marine compatriots can be found in the Upper Cretaceous shales and concretions of the Lambert Formation.

L.A. paleontologists are heading to the mall but shopping is not top of mind. Zed, a nearly complete pleistocene mammoth has been unearthed by scientists from the George C. Page Museum from fossil rich deposits in an ancient river bed below the old May Co parking lot in the upscale Miracle Mile shopping district. The massive mammoth is 80% complete and sports tusks 10-feet long.

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