I'd Put Warning Labels On Mutagenic Plants Before GMOs

Imagine we lived in a world where spontaneous mutations were caused by radiation and then released...

Science Left Behind: The Anti-Vaccine Update Update

Last week I did an update on the anti-vaccine situation in America compared to 2012, when my book...

Why Do Random Walks In Evolution Lead To The Same Place?

An interesting experiment published in Science placed baker's yeast ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae)...

Science Left Behind 2014: The Anti-Vaccination Update

Science Left Behind, a book I co-authored in 2012 with Dr. Alex Berezow, covered the ways that...

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It's no secret how Africa can feed itself - grow more food.

That sort of naïve statement is fine for environmentalists who were born as part of the  Agricultural 1%, but it falls apart in the real world that exists outside fundraising campaigns. A large chunk of Africa doesn't grow food all that well, which historically has meant relying on the patronage of rich countries and cycles of famine - but that also has made it a political football.

As most culturally astute people of a certain age know, 2015 is "The Future" of "Back To The Future II." "Back To The Future" was, of course, a seminal comedy in 1985 - a time when terrorists were from the Mid-East and you could do a time-travel experiment on your dog without getting protests outside the theater.
Artificial hearts were invented at a time when progress in science couldn't come fast enough. In 1969, when they first went into human use, DDT hadn't been banned, vaccines were considered the medical highlight of the century, and the Green Revolution promoted genetic modification as the way to feed the world's poor in the future.
The seasons are about to change and that means a new round of projections, prognostications, sooth-saying and doomsday forecasts.

If you think you know which of those are done by the civilized world and which of those are done by pagan Wildlings, you know nothing about modern climate science and culture.

In George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire", a wall separates two very different people - think England and Scotland. South of The Wall, the people of Winterfell are always preparing for the worst. North of The Wall, they are just living their lives and rolling with the punches. And there is a lot more (consensual) sex. These two groups live in the same world but approach it in very different ways.