Giddings: The 750 GeV Diphoton Resonance Is A Graviton

After the ATLAS and CMS collaboration disclosed their first Run 2 results on diphoton searches...

From The Great Wall To The Great Collider

With a long delay, last week I was finally able to have a look at the book "From the Great Wall...

Top Secret: On Confidentiality On Scientific Issues, Across The Ring And Across The Bedroom

The following text, a short excerpt from the book "Anomaly!", recounts the time when the top quark...

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Being back in blogging mood, I decided I would make a poll among the most affectionate readers...

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I am an experimental particle physicist working with the CMS experiment at CERN. In my spare time I play chess, abuse the piano, and aim my dobson telescope at faint galaxies.... Read More »

The Scientology ad is still there (see below, right), a few days after I complained about it. I understand that it is quite hard to get rid of a single ad in a bundle, and I understand that it would cost money to give google back the whole bundle with the third finger pointed upwards. But that not-too-little glowing blue box on the right seriously impairs my belief that by writing for this site I am doing something positive for the diffusion and popularization of science.
News from the LHC: the integrated proton-proton luminosity at 7 TeV centre-of-mass energy has generously passed the mark of 40 inverse picobarns yesterday. The CMS experiment alone has integrated over 42 inverse picobarns, as shown in the graph below (the blue curve shows the data collected by CMS, the red one the data produced by the LHC).

Rugby is a beastly game played by gentlemen; soccer is a gentleman's game played by beasts; football is a beastly game played by beasts.

Henry Blaha

Let it be clear on this publically, to show I am not kidding: there is a scientology ad on the right column today. If that is not gone by tomorrow from here, I will.

The priest of Vigevano's Duomo must have been startled to realize that by far the most faithful presence at mass, ever since the altar was built, is not nonna Pina but a real dinosaur -a glaring testimony of the falsity of catholic-diffused pseudoscience and of the true origin of life on Earth. The red circle in the picture on the right shows the location of the marble slab in the altar.

The CMS experiment has just released a new result which excludes the possibility that quarks have a substructure at energy scales below 4 TeV. The result comes from the analysis of just a handful of inverse picobarns of collision data -2.9 to be precise- and shows excellently just how well suited are the LHC collisions for this business. The limit is extended by over one TeV above the former result of the Tevatron experiments, and some 600 GeV above the results of the ATLAS collaboration, who also recently reported on their search for of quark compositeness in 7 TeV collisions, finding a limit at 3.4 TeV.