New CP-Odd Higgs Boson Results By ATLAS

The paper to read today is one from the ATLAS collaboration at the CERN Large Hadron Collider ...

The Quote Of The Week: Resolving The Mass Hierarchy With A Little Help From A Supernova

"1. Interaction with matter changes the neutrino mixing and effective mass splitting in a way that...

Neutrinos From An Atomic Bomb

Less than three weeks separate us from the XVI Neutrino Telescopes, a very interesting conference...

Future Physicists In Belluno

On Friday I traveled to Belluno, a town just south of the north-eastern Italian alps, to give a...

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I am an experimental particle physicist working with the CMS experiment at CERN. In my spare time I play chess, abuse the piano, and aim my dobson telescope at faint galaxies.... Read More »

The matter has indeed been discussed ad nauseam in the recent past. Blog posts, internal discussions, conferences, workshops, other blog posts, threads. But there is always the chance to add some bit of information to the soup, or -more easily- misinformation. In this case, the discussion invests mostly italian blogs, so I figured I would give you a summary here.
I cannot but be happy about the decision of the Australian government led by Kevin Rudd to further tighten the moral suasion against smoking. They decided that starting in 2012, the name of the brand of cigarettes and other logos will be moved away from the front of the pack, making all the packs of cigarettes look equal in their appearance: the one of the picture below. On the left how packs look like now, on the right the new look.

"The basic goal for CDF is to measure the energy, momentum, and, where possible, the identity, of particles produced at the Tevatron collider over as large a fraction of the solid angle as practical. Our strategy to accomplish this was to surround the interaction region with layers of different detector components. Starting at the interaction point, particles encounter in sequence: a thin wall Be vacuum chamber, charged particle tracking chambers, sampling calorimeters, and muon detectors."

F. Abe et al., The CDF Detector: an Overview, NIM A271 (1988) 387.
Last Monday Stephen Hawking gave a lecture at the George Washington University for the 50th anniversary of NASA. There he discussed the chance of a contact between our civilization and an extraterrestrial one. And he warned about the risks we may be facing.
My friend Peppe Liberti, a physicist and blogger from southern Italy, sent me today a amusing list of essential biographies of scientists. I wish to share them with you here, after I explain what this is about.

The rules of the game are quite simple: find an amusing way to summarize as succintly as possible (usually not exceeding two lines of text) the life and works of a well-known scientist.

Here is Peppe's bid: five really good ones.

  • Ludwig Boltzmann was one that sought an equilibrium. He died in an irreversible manner.

  • Georg Cantor tried to order the infinities. Ended in a closed set.

Researchers who blog are a rare and endangered species.

As far as rarity is concerned, it is easy to understand why that is so. Scientific research is a round-the-clock occupation, not your regular nine-to-five job. If a researcher has spare time, he or she is expected to invest it in doing more research: for Science is a mission, not a job! Because of that, finding the time to do outreach in a blog, broadcasting recent scientific results, or just expressing one's views is a demanding challenge, especially when one also has a family to attend to.