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stop hammertime

I was outside the target demographic of this dance (though I can moonwalk like no one's business) but if I were going to pick up a retro dance, this would be a cool one.

Science grows through accretion, but becomes potent through distillation.

- James P. Sethna, Entropy, Order Parameters, and Complexity

From the Rugbyologist's blog:  St. Louis Hero Needed

There is a 14 month old child in St. Louis in desperate need of an AB negative blood donor.

Hospitals in St. Louis are in desperate need of AB negative blood.

If you have this rare blood type, please contact Josh Witten immediately either by email or facebook or twitter (@rugbyologist).
UPDATE: Newest posting contains directions for AB negative blood donors outside the St. Louis area.
UPDATE: Donors are still needed to help this young boy.

There is a 14 month old child in St. Louis in desperate need of an AB negative blood donor.
mrs. rugbyologist and I recently benefited from some free interstate grandparental babysitting of The Frogger.  We took the opportunity to go out to dinner.  Dinner was lovely, but the details are irrelevant.  We followed up dinner with dessert at the nearby chocolate bar. 

The first thing the hostess asked us upon showing us to our table was, "Have you been here before?"

The first thing our waitress asked was, "Have you been here before?"
The Bookworm And The Encyclopedias

A simple math puzzle.

A set of 10 encyclopedias is sitting on a bookshelf in left-to-right numerical order.

Each single volume contains 1,000 pages.    

A bookworm eats its way directly and linearly through them in a straight line.

It starts on page 1 of volume 1.

It ends on page 1,000  of volume 10.

Question:    Not counting any covers, flysheets, etc., how many pages does the bookworm eat ?

I intend to post my answer next Monday,
or before that if anyone comments with a solution that I agree with.
The Brightest Candles #2

The brightest candles are the people whose light remains long after they are gone.

Imagine all the people
living life in peace
you may say I'm a dreamer
but I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
and the world will live as one.
John Lennon ( 1940 - 1980  ) Imagine
Today I visited the 53rd international art exposition at the Biennale di Venezia, which this year is titled "Fare Mondi" (making worlds). I am posting below a few pictures I took of the installations I saw there, for those of you who are not insensitive to contemporary arts. But before I do, let me add a personal note.
Amidst string theorist accompanied by strings, a one woman dramatic impersonation of E.O. Wilson and a journey of life through time, things have begun to turn around in good ole/new York.  

Lucky for me, the media company came through with tickets for all the events we wanted to attend, I received a room and the luggage was delivered to the hotel in time to get ready for the opening ceremony of the World Science Festival, after numerous conversations with United representatives and the lady at the front desk.  

Unlucky for me, Alan Alda would still rather be seen with Bloggy.  Not that I blame him.  
Each individual decision along the way seemed rational at the time, but the result was insane.

- Former Secretary of State Robert McNamara on the development of the nuclear arms race, interview with Richard Rhodes in Arsenals of Folly, p. 99