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    DIY Satellite Builder's Guide, V0.5
    By Project Calliope | December 7th 2010 01:20 PM | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    Alex "Sandy" Antunes is the mastermind behind 'Project Calliope', a pico-satellite funded by Science 2.0 and being launched in 2011 by a mad scientist...

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    I sat down and started writing a column on Sonification for today, then I realized I'd already written that piece-- several months ago. Whoops.

    So instead, I've built an index of the Project Calliope columns by topic, so you can read the full story (so far). This index is current as of Dec 6 2010. Consider it the first half of a DIY satellite builder's guide, plus all the framing material you need to work out your own satellite high concept.  Enjoy!

    Alex, projectCalliope.com, 'Around the world in 48 beats', reporting weekly on building a music/science satellite in his basement for launch in 2011.

    Underlying Principals

    How To Construct (and Problems)

    (in chronological order, as things happened)

    Progress Reports

    (in chronological order, as things happened)

    Side Issues in Satellite Building

    Other People and "Maker" Culture

    (in reverse chronological order: most recent are listed first)

    Other Space Programs

    Silly and/or Poignant

    Also available in its most recent form at our project home site, projectCalliope.com.